Live Your Dreams

In addition to receiving the personal rewards that comes from helping clients achieve financial independence, Capital Choice associates are recognized for their initiative and determination to do what's right.

Winner's Circle

The Winner's Circle is one of Capital Choice's most special honors. Associates earning $75,000 within a 12-month period are inducted into this elite group, and receive personalized rings to recognize their outstanding achievement with the company. Diamonds are added to the ring to indicate levels of achievement for those associates earning from $100,000 to $600,000 in personal cash flow. Associates earning $750,000 are awarded the President's Ring, which includes an additional diamond in the center.

Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame recognizes those associates that have worked with Capital Choice for years and achieved significant success with the company. Inductees receive a portrait that hangs in the home office.

Chairman's Council

Comprised of Key Leaders at CAPITALChoice, the Chairman’s Council is made up of those Associates earning over $200,000 in cash flow and those earning over $100,000 in cash flow who have built and significant team of other Associates. The Chairman’s Council is instrumental in directing the future of CAPITALChoice.

Annual Awards Programs

Held at the conclusion of the Capital Choice National Convention, the annual awards program is an opportunity to honor those associates who have achieved different levels of success throughout the year.

Annual Incentive Trips

Associates who qualify for Capital Choice's annual contests are eligible to receive trips to special locations across the country and around the world. Associates have previously traveled to places such as Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, Alaska and Orlando, Fla.

Stock Grant and Ownership Payout Programs

At Capital Choice, we reward our associates two innovative ownership programs. Program documents provide details on qualification criteria and restrictions.


In addition to commissions, promotions and recognitions, Capital Choice offers quarterly bonuses for those who take advantage of the company's unparalleled building opportunity. As associates continually build their businesses, they can receive additional earnings.