At Capital Choice, We Believe in a Holistic Approach to Financial Wellness.

Everyone deserves the choice to take control of their financial wellbeing.

From helping you find the right protection for your assets and income, to eliminating debt and investing for the future, we help you develop an actionable plan for improved financial health—supported with access to insurance and investment options.

Financial education and resources empower your choice.

We are working to enable the financial independence of middle-class America. We give our clients the ability to achieve, maintain, and improve their own financial wellness, so they can focus on what’s most important.

Our people and our clients choose every day to see opportunity in opposition. To focus on hard work, not hardship. To be hopeful, rather than hopeless. We don’t believe in leaving things to chance. We believe in making the choice.

It’s your future, it’s your choice. Get your financial health in check with Capital Choice.

We’ve Built a Company That Creates Opportunity — for Everyone.

Capital Choice was created to better serve the financial needs of an underserved population.

After leaving corporate America in 1995, Dick and Sydney Kinnard knew there was more to be done to serve everyday, hardworking people and communities across America. Most companies in the financial industry focused only on the mega-wealthy, a focus that has only grown stronger in the wake of new regulation that makes serving everyday people "riskier" or less profitable. And those companies who claimed to serve this market focused more on selling them products, rather than serving the totality of their financial needs. The Kinnards wanted to do more — enable financial education, empower choice, and provide opportunity. They teamed up with six other individuals, and a year later, Capital Choice was born.

A dedicated team, making a difference and protecting the American dream.

Now, the initial six has expanded to thousands of dedicated Capital Choice associates. Our team extends across the country, on a mission to help Americans take control of their financial future. We come from different backgrounds and span multiple ages and personality types, but we’re all passionate and driven to make a difference and shift the financial landscape of our communities.

Become a Capital Choice Associate.

Capital Choice is a team of independent, local associates who, supported by the strength and resources of a national brand, are committed to protecting our clients’ best interests.

Now you can become a part of this amazing team of individuals. While helping others find their financial independence through proven methods and solutions, you can increase your income and further support your own financial wellness. Take advantage of this unique business opportunity today!